Monday, October 19, 2009

Yipee!!! A ball for me!!!

Getting a ball in the mail from your aunt is very special. You can see by the joy on Gideon's face that he is very pleased. I'm sure the postal workers enjoyed delivering the ball as well. It is so nice to know that loved ones far away are thinking of you and love you very much. We are getting ready to begin our Thanksgiving journey south and are really excited. We will have a large gathering of family and friends for several activities throughout the week. We are looking forward to our yearly trip and the kids are already dreaming of their sleepover time with Uncle Mark and Aunt Kristin.

It has rained all day and the chickens are soaked to the bone. For some reason, they have preferred staying outside in the rain over being dry inside the coop. Funny birds. We are up to five eggs a day and are looking forward to when all 20 of them are laying. The kids enjoy gathering them every day and comparing the different shapes and colors.

We are going through a time of curriculum upheaval and I have many decisions to make in how we finish out the year and what we are going to do next year. The curriculum we are using this year is rich in many ways, but it just doesn't seem to be working for our family. I'm hoping to be able to develop a whole book approach.

Much quilting to be done. Many babies are being born in the next 6 months or so and I also have a few quilts that I want to try for practice and pleasure. I have finally organized my scrapbooking supplies and have begun sorting through our many photos. I found that after our move I was unable to scrapbook because it brought up too many emotions of the friends and family we left behind in Colorado. But, my heart seems to have healed some and I am enjoying having another opportunity for creativity in my day. Oh, there are so many photos that need to find a home, not to mention the photos that are stored in my camera. But, I really can't complain because my children and our beautiful state offer many photo opportunities.

Please be patient with me as I figure out this blogging site. As time permits, I will continue to blog and put on pictures, especially for those that love us and for those that will grow to love us as they learn more about our family.
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  1. LOVE IT! Thank you for the just for me photo! I hope you get in the groove of the new blogsite. I'm impressed with your skills in that area of technology! What a cutie pie! Glad that gave him so much joy. I believe they did the same up and down the east coast with all the adults we sent them too. love, me