Monday, October 26, 2009

Summer fun is behind us now, but this hasn't stopped the kids from venturing outdoors.  As I write, several of them are playing some game together while the chickens roam the yard and did I mention that it is really cold outside?  Oh, to be young again and to not be willing to let go of fun, even if it means that you can stop shivering. 

We have begun eating our homemade apple sauce.  The kids love it and it doesn't take them long to go through a jar.  This was my first adventure into canning and I must say that I enjoyed it.  Hopefully, next year our tomatoes will be more successful and maybe I can can them.  A few cucumbers would be nice too.  I think the kids would love turning them into pickles.  We have raspberries also, but they had a dismal showing this year.  Maybe next year they will show up for the part.   The kids were disappointed that they couldn't pick them. 

The kids helped to paint the chicken coop.  We unintentionally painted it the color of a local restaurant.  However, the restaurant was recently bought out by someone new and painted a beautiful barn red.  Getting all 7 kids to look at the camera at the same time was a miracle in itself. 
We are beginning preparations for our Thanksgiving journey to see family and friends.   This is a once a year trip for us and we are really excited.  It has been all that the kids have talked about for several months now.  What a fun way to begin the holiday season. 

Have a blessed day.

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  1. Perhaps trying to destroy the raspberries in some way...that seems to make them stronger and more determined to thrive and spread and multiply! Ha! LOVE the family photo. Nice job! Keep postin' dear sister! love, me