Monday, July 26, 2010

She's Missing!!!!

We brought our daughter, Makayla, home from China in May of 2005.  She was 2 and 1/2 years old.  A little over a month later we went to a 4th of July celebration at a huge park in a near by city.  We spread out our blankets, made s'mores (without a fire) and waited for the sun to set.  With about an hour left, the kids asked to go climb some trees just a few feet away.  We said sure because we could see them.  Dear Hubby had to take a couple of kids to the restroom and left the others behind.  Makayla was one of those left behind.  I had a baby on one hip and was keeping an eye on the kids.  There were tons of people in the park and even more kids.  I looked down to grab something and when I looked back up, Makayla was gone.  No where to be seen at the trees and I couldn't find her in the sea of people near me.  Of course, my first response is to start screaming her name.  How am I going to find her in all of these people?  I have two other kids with me and I can't run around the park with them in tow.  My husband is off to some far corner with the rest of the kids and I have no way of getting to him and if he gets back and we are gone, he is going to be worried and probably start wandering as well.

My head was spinning with a million thoughts and my baby girl was getting farther away with each moment.  If someone took her, how were we going to even start looking for her?  If she had wandered away, where were we even going to start looking?  I was wandering in circles, screaming her name and crying.  Someone that was sitting near by approached me and offered to hold on to the kids so I could go and get some help.  Deeper panic set in.  I couldn't leave my children with complete strangers, but what choice did I have?  The Lord washed me with a great peace as I looked at this woman.  I would be offering to do the same thing if the roles were reversed.  She was surrounded by her children and extended family and there were several other families witnessing this exchange.  I was going to have to trust these people because with each moment, my daughter was getting further away.  (My blood pressure still goes up when I think about all of this).

I handed my children over to her and these other families, promising to be right back, and took off running across the park where I knew the police tent was situated.  I screamed Makayla's name the whole way.  The sun was setting and everything was in shadow.  I ran into my husband with my other children and since we were in sight of the people looking after our other children, we sent them running to these same people.  I felt so much safer knowing that they were all together now and that we could focus on Makayla.

We filled out a police report and they sent out officers on bike to start scouring the park.  I felt so defeated.  We had brought our daughter home to safety and we seemed on the verge of something horrible that was about to happen.  Both husband and I were huffing and puffing from our long run and from fear.  However, we felt the Lord's prompting to keep looking.  So, we left the police tent and split up.  We just started roaming the park and calling out Makayla's name. 

A whisper in my head prompted me to start circling the playground area.  There were a 100 or more kids there, but I kept on walking around the outside of it, scanning the crowd and calling Makayla's name.  By now, there is only a light haze of light as the time for total darkness was drawing near.  I had almost completed my first circle around the playground when I saw a little girl, standing on the sidewalk, just staring into the group of kids.  She was mesmerized.  She was, and is, a curious child and can be distracted by the slightest thing.  All fear fell away and total joy overcame me as I ran up to my daughter and swept her into my arms.  Mingled with my tears, hugs and kisses, I am pleading with her to never walk away from Mommy again.  I knew my chances of finding husband were slim, so I headed back to the police tent to let them know I had found her.  After a brief explanation and much cheering, I headed back to the rest of my children.

I found them sitting amongst these nice strangers, eating their chips and waiting for the fireworks to start.  More tears started to flow with thankfulness for these complete strangers who had been willing to help out and were honest people.  Dear Hubby joined us about 10-15 minutes later, after he had checked in at the police tent and had been told our daughter had been found.

God truly had His hand of protection upon our family.  This could have been so much worse on so many levels.  I am so thankful that He chose to intervene in such a mighty way.  I don't know why He did, but I do know that we are forever thankful and humbled by this experience.  Our God is a mighty God and I am in awe of Him.

We watched an awesome fireworks display and went home singing God's praises all the way.  Every 4th is a sweet reminder of the second time we found our Makayla.


  1. This made me tear up! I hate that feeling of not being able to find a little one, then add a newly adopted little one that does not have that - "where is mommy" radar yet - yikes! Thanks be to God who watches all our treasures!

  2. Oh, I was crying when I read your story. How very scary! I lost sight of my 6 year old daughter from China at a park for about 15 minutes so I know the terror that took over your heart. Praising God with you that your precious girl was found.

  3. Your story had my heart in my throat as I read it. I son was missing just for a few minutes and I was terrified, I can only imagine how much more you were. It is obvious God had his hand on your family. I just signed up to follow your blog and I will be checking back often.

  4. Oh no you had my heart beating and tears falling as I read your story. I was worried that it was going to end badly but oh YES you found her. Something like that happened to us and my heart races even now at the thought.We didn't have strangers to help but someone was watching out for my family. thank you for sharing your story. Im so glad in ended well Hugs Wendy

  5. Every mother that has lost sight of her child in a strange place, knows the terror that was in your heart. Reading this brings all those emotions flooding back. I am so glad this ended well and you were able to be thankful for your daughter all over again.

  6. Tears. Thanking God for His protection and rescuing hand!

  7. This story gave me chills and took me back to a time we lost our son in a big Target store...we searched and searched...and were so relieved when we found turns out he was playing hide and seek with us! That son is now 39 ~ today in fact!
    Praise God he took care of your sweet girl and you found her safe and sound....
    Thank you for sharing your MBM story, and for stopping by my blog..

  8. Thanks so much for sharing this victorious memory. I was sitting on the edge of my seat reading it.
    Be blessed!

  9. I see you are from Montana? We lived in Montana at one Malta for a year and in Medicine Lake ~ almost in ND~ when my husband was pastor for a three point parish there for three years. We LOVED Montana...but my husband's dry eye condition drew us back to MN and near the U of Mn doctors.....Still miss MT~
    So beautiful whether in Billings, Missoula, or Medicine Lake! I see you like to read more than one book at a time too.....and you also have 7 kids! We have 5 adopted, and 2 birth.

  10. Such a scary time... I blogged something similar in my first MBM post. Thrilled for happy endings and hugs galore! thanks for sharing!

  11. I could not read your story fast enough... At times my heart was racing as if I was there with you. The lord takes care of his children!

    Thank you for the comments you left on by blog about my angel Karen. I loved it when you stated "You never know when we may be entertaining angels" I will be keeping those words with me for a very long time.

    I have recently joined the bloggerette sorority and look forward to joining in on all the fun.

    Take Care~ Sherry F.

  12. I just read this, oh how wonderful you found her. I was trying to read faster and faster to know the outcome. Thank God, you found her. Thanks so much for coming by my blog. I look forward to getting to know you. Kim :)