Monday, August 9, 2010

Breaker Beauty

I am here today to break the mold.  So often, we read of thrifty gals that find something beautiful, or falling apart, and turn it into something amazing.  Whether they are repurposing, fixing or making it their own, they are doing it for only a few bucks.  We all gasp in pleasure as we look at the photos and dream of our own next project.  We commend them on their wise dollar sense and genius creativity.  I stand in awe of these ladies and have been inspired by them numerous times. 

Today, however, you will not gasp over my creativity.  You will gasp over how much this beauty cost me.
What is that?  That is my non-functioning breaker.  What is a breaker some of you may ask?  Well, a breaker fits into your breaker box and controls the electrical flow to the rooms in your house and the electrical objects they contain.  This beauty is for my dryer.  It broke on Friday night.  We were trying to connect a new dryer broke.  Mind you, I hadn't don't any laundry for 2 days prior to this because we had to move out the old dryer and this was just how the timing worked out.  One breaker is an easy fix.  It is similar to changing out a light switch.  I spent all day Saturday and Sunday trying to find a replacement.  No one carries this model.  Why?  It is 50 years old.  It is obsolete.  It is a dinosaur.  Logic says:  "There are many older homes in this nation.  They don't all have new breaker boxes.  So, there must be someone that makes these buggers."  Reality says:  Logic cannot be applied in this situation.

When our local electric company opened this morning, I went a knockin'.  No, they don't carry this type of breaker, but they do work with a company in California that probably has some in stock.  This particular breaker is "obsolete" and will probably be pretty expensive.  The man guessed around 50 or 60 dollars.  This is where I start sweating.  I ask him how much it would cost to put in a new breaker box:  around $500!!!  So, he calls good ole' Cali and yes, they do carry this part but it is going to cost me an obscene amount of money (his words).  He grimaces and slides a piece of paper over the counter towards me.  $102.50!!!!
I couldn't believe it!!!  Mind you, I have tried finding the part all over.  He is the first person that even knows someone that carries it.  Well, I bit the bullet and ordered it!!  It is going to take at least 5 days to get here because I wasn't wanting to pay even more for faster shipping.  I am so thankful that this happened during the summer.  We are a family of nine and we will be drying our laundry the old fashioned way:  clothes line!!  I am so thankful for our clothesline.  I use it often during the warmer months, but it tends to slow the process down.  However, a slow process is better than no process.  

Well, you can imagine that I am not going to throw away the old breaker.  It is much too pricey for that.  It is the elite of breakers!!  It is special and will grace our home for years to come.  I have wrapped it in a ribbon for now, but I would love your suggestions for what to do with it or how to decorate it!  

Have a wonderful afternoon and please give your driers a hug for me!!!



  1. Oh, my dear! You should paint it a lovely shade of cream and stick a bird nest on top of it and put it under a glass dome. Then we can all call it the cutest little obsolete breaker we have ever seen. Then you can sell it over at ETSY and recoup the cost of that new, way over priced, had to have, breaker. Even the name is fitting in this case, breaker, it broke your wallet.

  2. you all are too funny. I will have to think on that-Jody

  3. Just wanted to stop by and tell you that the ATC you sent Dina is great! I love the that a stamp?
    Take care,

  4. Great idea, and it does deserve a place of respect.

    The ATC you made is cute - I love the little bird.