Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Ahh, nothing like a child's perspective to take a little tension out of one's day. 

These last couple of weeks have proven to be "bipolar" in regards to weather, as my oldest has dubbed it.  One minute it is snowing and the next the sun is shining gloriously down upon our heads.  My three year old son has recently begun to truly take note of the weather and will come up to me shouting with joy when he notices rain or snow.  A couple of wees ago, he came running from his room shouting to me that it was snowing.  As he ran into the living room, he stopped in his tracks with his mouth open and said, "Oh, it is snowing out front too."  I reassured him that it was snowing in both the front and back yards at the same time.  He promptly trotted back into his room to "make sure".   Today proved to be another day of discovery for him,  just in the opposite direction.  He noticed it was snowing when he looked out the front window and then announced to me that he was going to go check and make sure it was snowing out back too.  To see life through the eyes of a child is to see life anew. 

My eight year old son warmed my heart today... as I was able to watch him grow in his own personal revelation.  He walked up to his baby brother and whispered to him,  "you are priceless."  I gently commented that it was wonderful to know that he felt that way about his brother.  A few moments later, he looked at me and said, "Mom, there is only one thing that is priceless in my life.  My family."  A moment that renders a parent speechless.  I pray he is able to hold on to this truth as he grows into a man and then one day becomes a husband and father himself. 

My baby has soared past his one month birthday and it is so bitter sweet.  I have so deeply enjoyed this time with him and my other children.  Welcoming a new life into our family has become sweeter each time and I cherish this time so deeply.  I have enjoyed watching my children grow as people as they learn to love a person that was beyond their reach for 9 months.  I have watched their hearts open and they have been so selfless in their devotion to him.  When Given starts crying, they come running and are so eager to offer their support.  They bicker over who gets to hand him to me or change his diaper and there are always several crowding around the tub when it is time for a bath. 

I have enjoyed this time of bonding with my son.  Life is only beginning to pick up speed, but I have tried to really make the most of this down time.  I have held my son for endless hours and cherished kissing his fingers and toes.  Once his tummy is full, he loves to fall asleep with me face to face with him.  I'll lean in and put my nose to his and gently rub our faces together and he will quietly fall asleep.  Oh, I am not looking forward to him outgrowing this.  Yes, he cries and there are times when he seems inconsolable, but they are fleeting and my peace has remained.  He tends to be very fussy from 8-10 p.m. and will only quiet down for me.  His oldest sister and father try to help by holding and rocking him, but we are inevitably trying to watch a program on TV and they end up handing him to me to quiet him down.  Last night, Given was still fussing quite a bit in my arms and I looked at him and told him that if he didn't stop crying, I was going to give him to his dad.  Almost instantly, he quieted down and I couldn't help but start laughing at the absurdity of his timing.  His dad grimaced, chuckled and had to admit that the timing was perfect. 

Given gave his sister Lydia a crash course on hickies.  She'd figured out that if she put him up to her chin, he would suck on it.  I'd warned her not to do it because of how strong his suck is.  Of course, the warning is going to be ignored and yesterday he showed her just how strong his suck is.  She came up to me declaring that it hurt and sure enough her chin was purple where he had latched on.  She learned her lesson and I don't she'll do it again.  A funny memory that she will probably recall when she has children of her own. 

God has been gently and generous with us during this precious time.  I am so thankful and we all are trying to enjoy each special moment.  I know that at some point in the near future, life with reach high speed again and we will be wishing we would slow down and enjoy the sweetness of life again.  Maybe we will be responsive to this desire and will build a more quiet, appreciative and worshipful life.  I'm going to keep this desire in my prayers.

Have a wonderful day and be blessed.

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