Monday, July 12, 2010

Chicken Dance

Introducing Clara Cluck!!!!  This is my 78 year old mother-in-law doing a dance routine especially for her grandchildren.  She started doing this four years ago at Christmas.  We were rolling from laughter and have enjoyed each opportunity to see her shaking her tail feathers.  This photo seemed like a great lead in to let everyone know that we will be moving our chicken coop on Wednesday.  

Our next door neighbor made some anonymous complaints about our chickens and demanded that we move them.  We were led by the Spirit and decided to be peacemakers and agreed to move them.  However, I told animal control that we did not have the finances to move them immediately and that she would have to wait for awhile.  The animal control officer surprised me by saying that he and some friends had talked about our situation and were willing to come and move the coop for us.  He blessed our socks off.  The Lord's ways are mysterious, but we are so thankful for them.  So, on Wednesday night, these wonderful neighbors are going to be taking down part of our chain link fence and pulling our large coup to another section of our yard, re-fencing our chicken yard and putting our fence back together.  All I can say is:  WOW!!!!  I'll try and remember to take pictures for you to see.  

I am in the process of re-purposing an old window frame.  I'm making it into a jewelry holder.  This is one of my first re-purposing projects.  I am really looking forward to the finished product and showing off how it turns out.  

The garden is exploding and the kids are out there every day looking for new tomatoes.  They are still small and green, but they are there.  Our peas are out of control!!!  We had to take twine and connect it from the pea fencing to the gutter so they have some more space to climb!!  I had no idea they grew so tall.  Our beans are strong and healthy but they have yet to latch on to their strings.  Our corn is growing strong and only our cucumbers are lagging behind a bit.  I really hope we get a ton of cucumber.  Tomatoes and cucumbers are my absolute favorite and the kids eat them up too.  

Did I mention that our mosquitoes are vicious this year?  With the extra rains, they are taking over!!!  They are also biting through clothes.  The city has already spayed twice this summer.  Yikes!  That lets you know how bad they are.  They end up chasing us indoors even though we want to be outside in the evening when it has cooled off.  I was reading an article about what mosquitoes are attracted to.  It said that there may be a stress component involved.  They are not attracted to you if you are stressed out.  Maybe I need to find a way to be more least for the summer months so I can enjoy my evenings out of doors.  

Have a wonderful day...until we meet blessed.


  1. I am SO GLAD that karaoke machine resides in Montana. May it never, NEVER return! Nice blogging place here in blogspot land!

  2. She sounds like some kind of Grandma. Your children are blessed to have her.