Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Halloween In July

We had a wonderful Fourth.  We spent the day with friends in their almost in the mountains home and enjoyed a full day of fellowship, food and fireworks.  

Even though Halloween was many months ago, I thought I would put up some photos of the kids' outfits.  I wasn't able to post the photos then and think our home made costumes turned out pretty cute.  Take a look a decide for yourself:

My Cat:
My Pirate:

 My Grapes:
My Kleenex:
My Princess:
My Spider Man:
My SpongeBob:
The Whole Gang:
We had a great time coming up with costumes with no budget.  I'm not sure how we'll do it again this year. 


  1. Thank you Denisa...for reaching out and your words of encouragement. I just get so stumped sometimes when if feels like "everyone" has this same Big POOF! experience and that is never my case. Thank you for taking the time to speak God's heart.