Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Bed Rest and Beyond!!

I am sitting in bed, watching TV, sipping water, playing on my computer, dreading my next cough and looking forward to getting back into the swing of things.

Pneumonia has had it's way with my family for the last month and I am so thankful that we seem to finally be winning this battle.  It has been long and draining, but I'm hopeful we will be getting back to normal by the end of the week.

I spent four days in the hospital late last week.  On my third trip to the ER, my DH insisted that they admit me since I was not getting any better after two weeks of illness and antibiotics.  I was also beginning to struggle with taking a deep breath.  God's timing was perfect because the very next day my lungs started to give out.  We recently found out that we are going to be having another baby, and that threw a huge wrench into the intervention process.  The doctors treated my symptoms, loaded me up on safe antibiotics and kept raising my oxygen requirements.  Eventually I was on a full oxygen mask with 7 liters of oxygen and struggling for each breath.  The doctor was on the verge of putting me on a ventilator in order to give my lungs a break but after 24 hours, my lungs finally started to rally.  The doctor claimed to have no idea how I had recovered so swiftly from such a critical point the day before.  I told him it was prayer.  Despite his dismissal of my statement, I truly believe it was the Lord that healed me.  I have continued to heal at a snail's pace, but I am so much better than I was even a week ago.

My children have been wonderful about helping me rest.  However, we are all needing for things to get back to normal.  I have yet to venture into the laundry room or their bedrooms but that all can wait for a couple more days.

I want to thank those of you that sent me such encouraging words over the last couple of weeks.  I truly appreciate your thoughtfulness and prayers.  I don't doubt for a moment that your prayers were heard and answered.



  1. Hi Denisa, hope you are feeling better. I have your ATC card ready to send. If you will go to my profile you will find my e-mail addy and if you can send me your address I will mail it. Blessings to you and family.

  2. Denisa, I cannot believe I did not elaborate on the above comment. I am so forgetful, by the time I got to the comments section I forgot what I had just read. Please forgive me for being so pushy about the ATC swap. How selfish of me not to realize how drained you and family must be. I did not realize, even though I read it, that you had been hospitalized. God bless you and prayers will continue from this end. Blessings