Thursday, October 7, 2010

Me? Crochet?

I am happy to say that "I DID IT!!"  I taught myself to crochet.  I have only learned 4 stitches, but they are enough to get the ball rolling.  I have begun my first "project" and am making a dish cloth.  Of course, the kids have all lined up with requests.  I don't think they truly realize how long it is going to take me to make something larger than a dish cloth.  Especially since I'm not going to give up my other loves, like quilting.  However, it has been great learning a new skill, especially since I was able to figure it out on my own.  However, my next challenge is going to be learning to read the direction for projects.  Everything is abbreviated and it is like reading code.  It will take me a bit to master the art of reading crochet directions. 

I did run into a customer at JoAnn's and she told me about a yarn cone available at the Big W that is made specifically for wash cloths.  It was a super deal and I will be able to make tons of cloths as I practices my new skill. 

As I watch my fingers become familiar with the stitches, I find myself thinking of my grandmother.  She has been gone for almost 20 years now.  She was born in 1911 and was able to create beautiful things with her hands.  I had forgotten that she crocheted until I embarked on this journey myself.  I have a blanket on display in my room that she made me when I was a little girl and now I know that it was crocheted.  My strongest recall has been watching her hands.  I remember sitting next to her as she worked the yarn and being amazed by the beauty and speed of her movements.  I cannot believe that I had forgotten watching her all those years ago.  I'm so thankful that the memories have come flooding back.  I imagine her watching over me, as I stumble along on this new journey, and smiling at me.  Smiling because it can be comical to watch how much I mess up, but also because she is proud of me and thankful that I have now remembered more about her.  I hope that even just one of my children will want to truly learn some of the hand arts.  I cared too late to have a family member teach me.  Hopefully, they won't make the same mistake.

Be blessed and have a wonderful day!

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  1. Dear Denisa I am proud of you myself. Thinking how I felt when one of my teen granddaughters asked me to teach her to crochet. We made chemo caps for the hospital. She then took that to her school and they did it as a class. Those wash cloths are great to have and what a wonderful thing for you to be able to do as your pregnancy moves on and you need to get off your feet more often. Would you be willing to send me a photo of the first swap card I sent you? I forgot to make a picture for myself and want to keep track of them. My e-mail is on my profile. thank you