Thursday, October 14, 2010

It's Me Or the Bugs!!!

"You cannot stay where you are and go with God."  Henry Blackaby

I don't think God has given me a chance to stand still in a very long time.  Sometimes I feel like a snail's pace would even be nice, but He has other speeds in mind.  Faster speeds that include "you're going so fast you can't even see, so you have to rely on Me" or "yes, I'm asking you to keep moving, even though I've asked you, for what seems like an unbearable amount of time, to wait".  Thankfully, He is willing to lead each and every time I am willing to follow.  

These last couple of weeks I have declared war against Box Alder Bugs!!!!  WAR!!!!   They are beetles and they have an amazing ability to get in my house!!  My bedroom and bathroom seem to be their playground.  I find them on the walls, the ceiling, in the tub, in the sink, on the floor and IN MY BED!!!  Yes, my bed!!  I check for them several times a day and still, they manage to get into my bed.  There is nothing worse than flipping back the sheets after a long, busy day and finding the little buggers.  My mission next year is to find a way to contend with them, permanently if possible.  We have looked and looked for their entrance, but it evades us.  Dear Hubby is going to caulk like crazy in the next couple of days.  They swarm the side of our house that gets the most amount of sun and once the nights become cold, they seek out the extravagant comfort of my home.  I'm not having it!!

Costume making time has begun and the kids do a great job of challenging my "do it for cheap" skills.  We try to make as much of our costumes from scratch as we can and this year I had to redirect some of their thinking.  My son wanted to be a light bulb.  Sorry, but that is just too much for my brain.  

My youngest daughter is a pixie.  She is truly a munchkin.  Strong and determined, but just a whisper of a girl.  Today her oldest sister made the comment about her being the smallest thing in the world and then walked out of the room.  My pixie looked at me and said, "I am not the smallest thing in the world.  That would be a crumb."  I couldn't help but chuckle at her confident response.  She does not see herself as small and nothing holds her back.  She was my youngest to learn to ride a two wheeler and she even climbs the door jambs like a monkey going up a tree, stretches her leg to meet the other jamb and then stands there in mid air, yelling for everyone to watch her.  GO PIXIE!!!

The weekend is upon us and we are going to do some more winterizing...or at least try to.  Dear Husband would prefer not to, but it needs to be done, before the snow gets here.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend and enjoy the remaining weeks of fall.  

Be blessed,


  1. I'm with you about the bugs. Mine are ladybugs. They love our log home and drive me nuts. They too like the sunny wall of our home and then come in for a visit. My home was built in "Montana",mmm could that have anything to do with it. Just kidding!

  2. Hello Denisa! Your ATC arrived from Blissful and I LOVE IT!!! So very colorful and glittery. I love glitter and it looks great. You r swwet little daughter made my day with that valentine style ATC she included for me. How kind of her to part with such a masterpiece. Oh it is never too early to encourage children to learn about a creaft like ATC's. My 12 year old grandson makes a few for me when he is here and hides them in places he is sure I will find them later:)
    Did you post your ATC so Wendy can show it on her blog? I did not see it.
    Have a wonderful Halloween season and enjoy thos costumes you dream up with your children. I would love to see a picture of them!
    Sending blessings, Karla