Monday, October 25, 2010

Surgery, Germs, School, ATC...Life!!

Whew, where to start?  I have been away...briefly...and have neglected my blog for over a week.

Our home was attacked by little germs and we all spent some time under the weather over the last few weeks.  Thankfully, we are all feeling better.

I have also been busy with homeschooling.  We were so late starting the school year due to our summer filled with pneumonia and we worked really hard to get into the swing of things.  The kids have been doing a great job of getting their school work done, despite coughs and runny noses.  We have begun week four.  Wooo Hooo.  We have a long way to go though.

Makayla is getting her eye surgery today.  He eye muscles are very weak and her eyes have been operating indepedently of each other.  The doctor tried several methods to try and strengthen her eye muscles, but none worked.  So, surgery it is.  Her father and one of her sister's is along for the journey.  The girls were super excited about staying in a hotel room.  I think they will have a great time together and it will help Makayla  not get too nervous.  They will be back tomorrow evening.  I'm sure they will have many stories to tell.

I have continued to receive beautiful ATC cards and have taken too long in posting them.  In September, I received a beautiful "Leaf" card from Peggy.  It is a leaf stamped on a piece of bark.  My children found it fascinating that bark could be used that way. 

In October, I recieved this "Dark" card from Karla.  I love the touch of purple and the dangling spider.  I prefer my spiders to be purely decoration...not of the living, breathing, crawly type.

Thank you ladies for my wonderful art work.  I have enjoyed being a part of this swap and look forward to seeing what is produced in Nov. by all the ladies.

I finished my first official crochet project.  I made a scarf for Gengie.  She is pleased with the end result and that makes me very happy.  You can imagine how my "Mommy Do" list continues to grow.

Finally, I am happy to display a photo, taken by my oldest, that shows a rose from the bouquet that my DH gave me last week.  They are so beautiful and smell great and made me feel special.

Have a wonderful week and enjoy the cooler weather and the crunch of leaves.

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