Saturday, November 20, 2010

No, You Can't Go Outside!

BRRRRR!!!  Winter is finally here and it came in screaming!!  I can't believe I was worried about our sleepy little town not getting snow!  The snow has been falling softly all day and the temperature has been dropping as well.  Currently, I'm seeing that it is only 3 degrees.  I've had to tell the children several times that it is too cold to go outside and play.  Those with outdoor chores today learned quickly how bone chilling it is outside.  Several of them worked together to feed the chickens and Daddy had to go out and clear away to the snow so we could get the eggs inside.  They are probably frozen as soon as they hit the nest.

A dear friend of mine had twins yesterday.  A beautiful boy and girl.  It has had me baby dreaming all day long.  Oh, I'm hoping these next 19 weeks fly by.  I'm sure they will with the holidays and all the birthdays coming up.  I have 5 between now and the end of January.  Seriously.

I love when the weather is cold like this and the hubby is home for the weekend and all of us can cuddle up under blankets on the couch.  We will do it tomorrow as well and then hubby has to brave the negative temperatures in order to go to work.  We will think of him often as we stay warm inside.  A couple of the kids are under the weather, so staying home is the only thing on the agenda for a couple of days.  I'm so glad because I was in the city almost every day last week and am tuckered out from driving.

Off to eat a yummy spaghetti dinner and to hopefully console the broken heart of my youngest.  He is very upset because his sister turned off the bathroom light instead of him.  Oh, the things that will bring us to our knees when we are 2.

Have a wonderful weekend and stay warm!


  1. God is so with a family in all that goes on and I am so proud to hear of all the things and your wonderful attitude. Hope you are feeling well and I am so glad the surgery went well. Blessings

  2. You are a blessing. Your blogs make me feel warm and fuzzy. Enjoy the snow. We live in Southwest Louisiana and have seen snow three times in the past two years...thats a world record for us! LOL Be blessed!!