Monday, December 13, 2010

A Comic Strip

This last week has made me wonder if I'm in a comic strip and just don't know it. 

My morning sickness finally gave way to a mild irritation on most days and I was beginning to get back into the full swing of things.  I even started caring about the gray hairs that have sprung up all over my head.  So, last  Wednesday, I popped out of bed and pulled out the hair coloring kit.  I knew it was going to be a gamble with all the hormones raging through my body, but I had to at least try to tame those age givers.  As soon as the waiting was over, I hopped into the shower, washed that gray right out of my hair and kicked into full gear to start my morning.  Or at least I tried to do so.  My great plans came to a screeching halt as I started to wrap my hair in a towel.  In a split second, my back muscles snapped and I found myself stooped over and in immense pain.  I have thrown out my back twice before and I knew what had just happened.  I groaned and then started to cry as my reality sank in.  I found myself in an oddly familiar situation:  naked, in the bathroom and the only place to sit is on the toilet. (I'll save the first experience for another day.)  Covering myself with a towel, I called out to my children to bring me a phone so I could call for help....Dear Husband to the rescue.  I wasn't sure if I was going to be able to sit on the toilet for the 45 minutes it would take him to get home, so my oldest daughter helped to get me dressed and into a standing position so I could lean on her all the way to a chair.  Once the pain subsided, I was doing great.  As long as I didn't move, I was doing great.  How long could I just not move?  With my wee babe bouncing on my bladder, I knew I wouldn't be sitting for long. 

My OB was amazing and didn't insist on my coming in to see her in order to get some pain meds in me.  Pain medicine tends to make me loopy and tired, so it wasn't long before I was in bed and had no desire to move from there.  Honestly, the only thing that could get me out of bed for the next two days was my bouncing babe.  He never let me forget he was awake and kicking. 

My back is out and who decides to come and visit?  Mr. Flu.  I know, I'm thinking the same thing you are...No Way!!  Thankfully, the sick children chose to evacuate their systems at times when Hubby was home.  Four children have shown symptoms so far and I am hoping that the others have missed the flu bus. 

Needless to say, I spent much time praying for a speedy recovery and to not get the flu.  When I have thrown out my back in the past, it has taken weeks of intense physical therapy and pain medicine in order to recover.  I wasn't very optimistic about my recovery, especially being being pregnant and knowing my body is in a period flux.  However, I  am happy to say that today I woke up pain free.  I'm still a bit stiff and very leery of moving too fast and bending over, but I am definitely on the mend.  It has yet to be determined if Mr. Flu has left our home, but I'm trying to be hopeful.  I figure the kids are tired of hearing me say, "If you throw up, please hit the toilet," but the alternative is too overwhelming for me to even think of at this point.  My morning sickness is better, but my stomach is still willing to mutiny at the slightest provocation.

A comic strip, right?  It's either laugh or cry...laughing seems so much more pleasant.  God keeps stretching me and for that I am thankful.  I don't need to watch reality shows because I'm living it with all the drama, just without all the ratings.  I'm guessing that my reality is a bit too raw at times for camera men to be following me around.  I'm opting for a comic strip because we all need to laugh, even when the laughter has to come through a torrent of tears. 

The Saturday before things became a bit like a tornado in my life, we did have a wonderful afternoon with friends sledding down a monster hill in freezing weather.  The "boys" were off chopping wood while the "girls" watched the children turn into snow men as the afternoon wore on.  The kids had a wonderful time and flew down the hill with amazing speed.  Even my youngest wowed me with his bravery as he trudged up the hill and climbed onto a sled and flew down the hill with one or more of his siblings.  Wow!  Only three years old and feeling a need for speed.  Lydia ended up with a bloody nose from hitting the back of Gengie's head, but once I wiped her off, she trudged back up the hill and not a tear was shed.  As the sun sank behind the mountain top, the temperatures began to drop and one by one, the kids slowly began to appear in the warm and toasty van.  They were tired and cold and very happy.  Of course, they are planning their next sledding trip.  My son Gabriel was not happy with me when I told him that I would not be joining him on a sled this winter since I am pregnant.  So, he moved on to our going sledding in June when I would be fully recovered enough to sled.  I disappointed him again when I had to remind him that June is summer and the snow would be gone.  So, we will have to wait for next winter.  I can only imagine the plans he will have for me by then. 

It was a wonderful day and a holiday memory maker. 

 I love the Christmas season and am looking forward to all the special trimmings that come with sharing my days with my children as we shop, wrap, bake and remember our Savior.  I pray that your holiday season is filled with peace and love as we remember our Lord and spend time with our families. 

Be blessed,

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  1. Oh Denisa how I can identify with you. By the time we had four kiddos and I was trying to work that is the way I felt many time. How in the world would I ever last. Well I did and had 2 more children and loved and laughed every minute of it. I am in P.T. right now for a bad back and right shoulder. Thank goodness I have not one needing me like your children need you to be. But I know they will be helping take care of you. Merry Christmas and all the blessings to you and family.