Monday, February 14, 2011

From Seizures To Spelling Bees

We are finally getting the chance to meet with a neurologist tomorrow in regards to Lydia's seizures.  It is about time.  She has had four seizures, that we know of, since Christmas morning.  The latest one was Sat. night, shortly after she went to bed.  For some reason, I walked into the room to check on the kids and as I adjusted bodies and blankets, she started having one.  It didn't stop after the recommended 2-3 minutes so we took her to the ER.  It lasted 20 minutes.  I tried really hard to not freak out.  She would come out of it and then go back into it.  The doctor monitored her and eventually she came around completely and was quite adamant about going home.  It took awhile to get her calmed enough for bed, but eventually she was asleep and woke up her usual self in the morning.  I was thankful that she recovered after many hours of sleep, but I am not even more concerned about the number of times she has had one and we just don't know it.  It seems that if she has them earlier in night, she is able to recover.  If she has them near morning, it take her the whole next day to recover.  So, she could be having many more than we are aware of.  So, we are praying and hoping that the doctor has some solid answers and direction for us.  God is faithful and we are trusting that he is going to give us the tools and medication she needs in order for her braid to outgrow these terrible seizures.

We have begun pulling out all the baby equipment and the younger kids are really hyped about it all.  At times, as I clean and organize, it is like having too many cooks in the kitchen.  They have their own ideas about where things go and how things should be decorated.  I appreciate their enthusiasm and involvement and try to remain patient as they follow behind me and rearrange things, again.

Unfortunately, being patient is in short supply for me these days.  I am trying to balance gestational diabetes with hypoglycemia.  The swings from high to low have a definite impact on my moods.  I find myself extremely irritated over the smallest of things and this is wearing both me and the kids out.  They have been patient and grace filled.  I know that they don't completely understand, but their love for me is deep and they are very forgiving and for that I am greatly thankful.  I look forward to my blood sugars getting back to normal once the baby is born.  The hypoglycemia is brutal.  It makes me feel awful.  I am nauseous almost all the time and when my blood sugars dip really low, I am quite faint.  Recovery from low sugars can take awhile as well.  The diabetes is harder on the baby than me and thankfully, I have been able to control the high sugars with diet and haven't had a huge struggle.  The hypoglycemia is harder on me, but the doctor's say that it doesn't harm the baby.  The lows are what are giving me a run for my money.  Only 6 more weeks.  I am truly counting the days.

We are having unusually warm weather and the kids are loving it.  My oldest son is quite disappointed that they are predicting snow again for the end of the week.  He told me it's all summer like and then the snow is going to come and ruin it.  I try to explain to him that the 50's are not summer temperatures and that we are still in the winter season, but he will have none of it.  He is in summer mode. 

My oldest son is in a spelling bee tomorrow.  It is our first and he is super excited.  I think he is an amazing speller, but we'll see how he fares when standing next to other students.  It will be fun and I hope he will want to do it again next year as well.  I have a feeling that he will one day give me a run for my money if we play Scrabble together.  Probably sooner rather than later.

I'm off to control my blood sugars...can feel the crash coming on. 

Have a great day and be blessed.

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