Friday, March 4, 2011

Ahhh, bed rest sounds so romantic, so Sense and Sensibilities, so Calgon, Take Me Away.  Unless you just don't have any other choice. 

A week and a half ago I started to go into labor.  I was just under 35 weeks and it was just too early.  Especially with our hospital not being able to deliver any baby under 35 weeks.  They would have sent me to another hospital over 100 miles away from our home and my children.  I spent one night in the hospital on medication and being monitored.  I continued to have "break through" contractions, but the doctor believed I would be okay at home on medication and bed rest.  I was very happy to come home because as you know, you just don't get any sleep when you are in the hospital.

My medication has been increased and I'm still on bed rest until 37 weeks.  I have 12 more days to go.  At that point, I'll no longer be on restricted activity and will be off the meds as well.  Then, we'll just let my body lead the way and deliver the baby without running interference.

The children have been wonderful.  The younger ones are struggling with disappearing to the Wild Side, but overall, I cannot complain about how smoothly things are going.  They have been willing to cook and clean and play and even do school from my bed, or the couch on my slow contraction days.  I miss being around them, actively pursuing our day, but this is a season of rest and Given Noah is worthy of all we can do to keep him from being born too soon. 

Friends have been wonderful about calling and making meals and even taking the kids during this time of mandatory rest, as well as during my stay in the hospital with the delivery.  I'm so thankful for their selflessness, creativity, love, encouragement and prayers. 

I'm trying to keep busy with crocheting another blanket, reading, movies, and am hoping to finish a Bible Study that I have been enjoying immensely.  I wish I could play games with the kids, but leaning forward for too long tends to get the contractions rolling.  So, for now, we do things that allow for me to "lounge".  Dear Hubby has been bringing me daily perseverance gifts and through this, my reading list is growing.  I appreciate his thoughtfulness and encouragement, especially with him having to be at work and the kids and I being on our own throughout the day.  Thankfully, he is taking a break from traveling for work.  Having him near is very nice. 

God is faithful and we are trusting that Given will be healthy and strong when he is finally born.  This has been a very eventful pregnancy.  The Lord must have something very special planned for him or else Satan wouldn't be so busy running interference.  It will be wonderful to finally be able to hold my son in my arms.  Those first few days are so precious.  I remember those days with all of my children.  They are forever emblazoned in my memories.

The harshness of frigid winter air seems to have passed and the kids have loved being able to play outside again for extended periods of time.  They get mighty wet with all the melting snow.  Thankfully, there are enough snow pants to go around.  Alas, with the warmer weather, the Box Elder Bugs are reemerging and we have begun our daily battle of catching them as they roam over the walls and IN MY BED!!!!  This weekend, Dear Hubby is going to caulk the outside of the house more thoroughly in hopes that it will be harder for the bugs to get inside.  Yes, they are better than big ugly spiders, but the sheer number of these bugs is taking its toll on me.  We are going to talk to an exterminator and see if there is anything else we can do.  They only appear on the warmest side of the house but their numbers are staggering.  It is war. 

I'm at peace and feeling really blessed.  God is good and I am so thankful that He is by my side during this time of rest.  He is helping me to be still and know that He is God.  The kids are doing great and this helps me to make it through my days with minimal anxiety and frustration.   The kids and I are going to have many memories of hanging out and snuggling.  There is nothing better than a cozy snuggle under blankets on a cold, cloud covered day.  Sweetness.

Be blessed and enjoy the promising whispers of spring.

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