Monday, March 14, 2011

Jeopardy On His Mind

Wednesday will be three weeks of bed rest.  The baby and I will have done our time and will be free to join the world again.  I have continued to have contractions and have dilated some, so my doctor is considering delivering him on Wednesday.  No promises, but at least it is on the table.

The kids have been wonderful, but we are all looking forward to life getting back to our kind of normal.  Spring has begun to show itself in earnest and they are loving playing outside.  Mud abounds and dirty faces are the norm for this past week.  Thankfully, they all love to take baths and don't complain as Mommy calls them in to get cleaned up.  We have had friends making us meals and setting up play dates with the kids.  Of course, the kids LOVE the meals that have been prepared for them.  No complaints.  They save those for Mommy's meals. 

My hospital bag is packed and has been on every journey to the doctor's office.  We have been blessed to get an ultrasound with our last two visits.  It is amazing to see the little bugger hanging out, completely oblivious to the drama going on around him.  We were given some amazing 3D pictures of him and I'm looking forward to seeing how closely he resembles the photos.  It is pretty amazing what technology is capable of doing. 

My oldest son is only 8, but he is already making plans for college.  The other day he had asked me how he could go about finding the money he would need in order to pay for school.  After a brief discussion, he earnestly looked at me and stated that his winning Jeopardy as a teenager would help pay for college but he was concerned about where the rest of the money would come from.  I love his child like faith.   His older sister, by six months, quickly asked if I knew what she wanted for her 16th birthday?  I answered with the obvious:  a car.  Nope.  She wants money for college.  They are definitely planning for their futures.  Hopefully, they don't have plans for growing up too quickly.

We are hanging in there.  I'm a bit stir crazy, but the kids are always willing to add entertainment to my day.  Maybe the birth of my son will bring forth the leaves on the trees and the flowers still hiding away underground.  Or, we may have another late snow storm.  Only the Lord knows.

Have  a wonderful week and be blessed.

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  1. LOVE that they're thinking about college! Tell them Aunt Kristin paid for part of hers by being an R.A...that REALLY helps with cost. Our nephew Kyle did that too AND it's a great social experience!