Sunday, May 8, 2011

Mother's Day Every Day

May 6, sixteen years ago, Dear Hubby and I had our very first date.  Little did we know all the excitement that God had planned for our lives.  It has been an amazing and nonstop journey.

A sweet and special and dear friend has come to grace our lives with her presence this week.  The kids and I are love having her here.  We used the birth of my son as the reason for her visit, but the truth is that we are having an awesome time of fellowship.  Yes, laundry is getting done, the dishes are being washed and we are picking up the floor...again, but these activities are only a small fraction of our days.  We are sharing stories, playing games, laughing, watching movies, doing hair, fighting over holding the baby and staying up way too late.  Ahh, the joys of spending time with one's bosom friend.

We had an early Mother's Day celebration yesterday.  We had another family over to celebrate with us and the husbands made dinner.  It was quite yummy and we couldn't wait to eat the leftovers for lunch.  My children were very generous with their external expressions of love, yet what truly makes my heart soar is knowing that I am loved by 8 amazing people.  I am so blessed to have Mother's Day every day.  They love me sacrificially and fill my days with joy, love, and affection.  Yes, we have the usual blips on our radar with rebellion, selfishness, tears, disobedience and such, but I never have a day where at least one or more of my children don't bless my socks off.  God has given me such amazing children.  I'm so thankful and am humbled by how much He has given me through my children.

Dear Hubby left this morning for the next week.  This is the third Mother's Day that he has had to be away from home.  He says this is the last time, but I'm trying to not get my hopes up.

We have decided to embark on the adventure of using coupons.  The kids have been super helpful with clipping and alphabetizing them.  I'm hoping that all of our efforts will show up in our pockets within the next few weeks.  I have friends that really believe that working the system really pays, here's hoping.  Maybe one day I'll actually have one of those jaw dropping shopping trips where 95% of my purchase is free.  That would be so awesome and truly blog worthy.  So, we are in search of as many coupons as we kind find each week.  I'll let you know how things turn out.

Our seedling are doing AMAZING!!  I wasn't joking when I said we prayed over them and the Lord has not disappointed.  Many of the plants broke through the dirt days ahead of schedule.  Some even a week or so early.  We have had to remove the top covers to make room for the beans and at this rate, our seedlings are going to be huge by the time the ground is ready to receive them.  It is so exciting for the kids when they imagine how much produce we could actually be blessed with this season.

I'm off to take my turn holding the baby, even though my reason trumps everyone else's desire:  he's hungry and I've got what he wants. 

Have a wonderful Mother's Day, be blessed and may you feel the presence of the Lord continuously.

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