Wednesday, May 25, 2011

"But I say to you that for ever idle word men may speak, they will give account of it in the day of judgment."  Matthew 12:36

I admit it, I'm a natural born talker.  I love to get together with a friend and chat the afternoon away.  I would love to imagine that all of my conversations are lofty and worthy of the heavenly realms, but I know they aren't.  There are times that I have said things I shouldn't or have not thought through my words before they come tumbling out of my mouth.  Yikes.  I hate to recount the times that my  words have harmed someone, even unintentionally.  I could claim that others are just being easily offended and try to find comfort in that, but I can hear the hollow ring of that excuse and it makes me cringe.  Yes, there are times when others are easily offended and there is always something I say that gets their feather's ruffled.  However, more often than not, when I find myself apologizing for my words, I have been speaking carelessly.  This verse reminds me to take heed of having one mouth and two ears.  I need to listen more and talk less and this will help to keep me out of trouble.  I can still enjoy my time with friends and will hopefully bless them more often with words that bless them and are no longer just idle.

We finally had a rainy day here.  Yesterday, the rain fell gently most of the day and the ground was given a reprieve from the deep thirst it has been struggling with.  Today, my grass has finally begun to lose it's brown hue that I couldn't seem to get rid of by just watering.  We planted an aspen tree and rose bushes over the weekend and they are doing well.  I have yet to be able to keep my rose bushes alive through the winter and am hoping that this year this trend will change.  Last year I transplanted 19 lilacs in my yard and only lost one.  I was expecting to lose quite a few of them because I had pneumonia at the end of the summer and they didn't get enough water.  However, they have proven to be quite hardy and I am excited to see them grow into a beautiful lilac hedge over the years to come.  We are still waiting to plant the garden because a few of our nights are still bordering on freezing.  The kids and I are really looking forward to planting everything and watching the brown soil give forth a bright and beautiful bounty.

I can hardly believe that the school year is coming to an end.  This year went by so quickly, at least for me.  The kids would probably disagree with me.  Next year, my dear daughter will be encountering a curriculum that will hopefully be more of a challenge for her.  She has been cruising through her daily lessons and is bored.  She has learned so much more than I ever did in the public schools, but she isn't being challenged.  Her brain needs to be stretched and we are going to try and do that for her next year.  I know she can step up to the challenge.  

Being out of commission for the last year has really created chaos in my home.  Between husband and I being sick and then my not feeling well throughout the pregnancy and then ending up on bed rest for several weeks, my children's idea of cleanliness took over.  I have spent the last week cleaning and reorganizing the house.  The kids did a wonderful job of helping to keep my stress level down by helping out in so many ways over those months.  However, they are pros at keeping the exposed surfaces clean and cramming everything into nooks and crannies behind closed doors.  I'm amazed at what I find where and how stuffed the cupboards and closets are.  I appreciate their creativity, but with some of the closets, I envisioned everything exploding out upon me when I opened them.  I am thankful that most of them have been by my side as we organize and clean.  It is good to have Mommy back and feeling well.  

Have a blessed weekend and enjoy the warm weather...before it gets too hot.

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