Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Healing Rains

As I write, I am sitting in front of my picture window watching the clouds slowly thin out to allow the sun to gently filter through.  The lilac bush is bent over from the moisture that has collected on its leaves and petals.  The grass is a perky green and my flowers have finally received a soaking that wasn't from the hose.  Yesterday we had our first spring storm and it was desperately needed.  The land needed to be refreshed and it has pressed heavily upon my heart to know that I too need to be refreshed.  

I love my life and having my days filled with my children.  However, there are times when day after day I am consumed with the things of life and I am not spending time on my spiritual and emotional needs.  I need to pour the Word into my mind and let my spirit and heart be saturated with it.  I know this and yet I struggle with always finding the time to do it.  I am so thankful for the Lord's patience with me.  I am so thankful that I feel His presence even though I have been remiss in seeking him consistently.  

This morning, as the sun was trying to strain through the clouds, I looked out my bedroom window into my newly planted garden.  It had been raining steadily for several hours and the down spout had flooded a portion of the garden.  I groaned inwardly as I began to formulate a way to direct the water away from the baby plants.  Thankfully, the plants in the midst of the flood were sitting on little mounds of dirt and they were able to keep their "heads" above water.  While the rain fell upon my head, I used a shovel to redirect the water and now the water is no longer threatening the tiny sprouts.  As I reflected upon this dilemma, I realized that not only do I need to be saturating my days with the Word, but I need to be diligent in where I am applying it and directing it.  I need to be deliberate in my pursuit of the Lord.  Knowing scripture is very different from applying it and living by it.  

I am so thankful for the peace that is permeating this moment.  The storm has gently passed on and the children have scurried outside to play in case it starts to rain again.  The air smells wonderful and everything is popping with spring color.  The birds are showing up again to claim their share of food from the feeder and their chirping is always comforting.  I love spring storms and am so thankful that they have finally arrived here.  I am hoping for more rain before the heat finally settles in for the summer months.  I look forward to seeing my garden grow as it responds to the extra moisture.  

I also loved watching my children play in the huge puddle that formed at the end of our driveway last night.  My husband was a bit surprised by my lack of stress as five children splashed and played in the warm water.  I wasn't allowed to do such things as a child, so I felt no need to keep them from just being kids.  Sure, I had an extra load of laundry and had a ring around the tub when they were done with their baths.  However, we all now have a great memory of enjoying a spring storm and that is worth all the cleaning up we had to do.  

Have a wonderful week and may you find time to spend with the Lord and in the Word.  May you feel the wonderful freedom of growing your spirit and knowing that your time was well spent, even if there are dishes in the sink or clothes piling up.  

Be blessed.

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