Thursday, July 14, 2011

Summer Excitement

I hate when so much time goes by between posts.  So many of my days of late have been chalk full of activities but by the time I can sit down to actually write, I'm dog tired and find myself crawling into bed.  I think the heat has added to my lack luster energy even though it is the exact thing my garden needs to grow.  Go figure:  I wilt and my garden grows.

We have added a new addition to our family.  A new puppy.  He is a Bichon Poodle mix and is super cute.  I am not a dog lover.  Please don't hate me for this.  I seem to have been born this way, based on the stories my mother tells me and it has been a long process for me to come to terms with adding a dog to our family of furry and feathered friends.  I knew it couldn't be a big dog, but I didn't want a little yapper either.  Two of my children are animal lovers and finally won me over.  I wasn't sure how long it would take to find a puppy that was a breed we could be happy with and wouldn't break the bank.  Despite all the talk about our depressed economy, the prices for dogs seems to be super high (in my opinion).  We acquired our pup on the Fourth of July, so we decided to call him Indie, short for Independence.  He is super cute and is quite devoted to his new family.  He is quite content following the kids around to play, but when he is wanting to cuddle and rest, whom does he seek out?  You got  I am quite aware of the irony.  I think he is a doll and know that I will love him even more when he is completely house broken and quits chewing on things.  His favorite thing to chew on is paper.  I am amazed at the paper he finds.  The kids have had to redefine picking up after themselves and yes, deep inside, I am quite pleased with this new development.  I always love a tidy house.

I have continued to coupon and am quite pleased with the money we are saving.  I even had my first money maker experience yesterday.  I LOVE Albertsons.  They have the best deals.  I intentionally planned my purchases in order to earn free milk.  I walked out with five gallons of free milk and the store paying me 2.50.  Can't beat that kind of deal.  I also ventured into the wild land of multiple transactions.  We did four and the cashier was wonderful about the whole process.

I moved my studio from upstairs into the basement and therefore opened up another room for the kids.  Of course, the debate has begun as to who is going to get the room.  My youngest little wee babe is one of them.  I have yet to decide on the second child.  I have plenty of time to decide as the baby is still quite happy sleeping in my room and I haven't finished cleaning out the room and would like to paint it a new color.

I actually had one day where ALL the clothes were cleaned and folded.  Of course, this only lasted a matter of minutes and it really takes no time for the laundry to pile up.  With a household of ten, you can only imagine how much laundry there is.  The kids wonder why I cringe when they ask to run through the sprinklers and will end up with at least six new dirty towels.  One day they will have children of their own and all will become clear.

I am working on finishing a quilt and it has been nice to have access to it without having to retreat to a bedroom away from the kids.  They get in so much less trouble when Momma is sitting right there.  The basement is the cool spot in our house and the kids eventually migrate back inside on those super hot days and the afternoons are a great time to sew.

I have a new love...among the many I already surround myself with.  African violets and other blooming indoor plants.   My grandmother had a special touch with Violets but I had always heard that they were divas of the plant world and steered clear of them.  My mother in law sent my a beautiful basket of plants for Easter and tucked in among all the greenery was an African Violet.  Without much coaxing from me, it has thrived and blossomed quite beautifully.  I acquired a second one last week and am looking forward to seeing where this new love leads me.  Of course, one of my cats has decided that she loves Violets as eat them that is.  So, I have to place them away from her destructive chomping.  My new plant was knocked onto the floor and lost all of it's blooms and a few leaves.  My husband suspects a cat...and I know her name.  I love that they will bloom year round.  I need the pop of color during our bitter cold winters.

Our garden is doing well.  The lettuce is providing excitement in our salads.  The radishes are beautiful in all of their red glory, but none in my home like them.  Thankfully we found a neighbor that will eat them, as well as our Swiss Chard.  The cucumbers really aren't growing but the tomatoes are creeping skyward.  I'm hoping we will have tomatoes this year.  The zucchini is preparing to go rogue and I'm going to turn them into bread.  That is the only way I like to eat them.

The children are healthy and enjoying our long hours of sunshine.  The sun is up around 6:30 and doesn't set until 10:30.  Thankfully, they are usually passed out long before then.  Nothing like summer time fun exhaustion.  Oh, I remember back when I was a young whipper snapper full of energy and loving the summer days...

My sweet little babe is wonderfully sweet.  He is growing and changing.  Almost four months old...oh, the time has gone too quickly.  He loves to talk and is quick to smile.  He has changed so much from the newborn that cried when others held him, except for me and one of his sisters.  He spent so much time crying when he was first born and now he is quick to flash his toothless grin and loves when others will pick him up.  He does still struggle with over stimulation, but I'm hoping it will lessen and disappear as he grows.

My days are full of joy and awe and I'm so thankful for the life the Lord has lead me to.  He is ever faithful and creative and patient.  I am truly living the blessed life.  I pray you're believing you are blessed as well.

Have a blessed day.

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