Wednesday, June 23, 2010

His Plans

"Always add, always walk, always proceed; neither stand still, nor go back, nor deviate; he that standeth still proceedeth not; he goeth back that coninueth not; he deviateth that revolveth; he goeth better that creepeth in his way than he that moveth out of his way."  St. Augustine

The best laid plans...God may have others.  We were going to start summer school two weeks ago and got a few day into it and then Dear Hubby hurt his back.  With him being at home and needing assistance and always being asleep in the main room, I decided to push school back a couple of weeks.  So we will try again next Monday.  I know the younger kids are looking forward to it.  My oldest grumbles about anything that even remotely resembles school.  Thankfully, she is willing to read whatever I put in front of her.  She may not like it at first, but will read it and then is usually surprised to learn that she actually liked it.  

We had a crazy day of errands yesterday.  I have in my mind's eye the type of curtains I want for my bedroom and no place has anything even remotely close.  Thankfully, my children didn't complain as I dragged them from one store to another.  I eventually walked into a fabric store to see if they had what I wanted fabric wise.  They did, so I will be making my curtains.  I may even try tea dying them so that they looked antiqueish when I am done.  Or of course, I could ruin them and then would have to figure out how to live with them.  

We have friends coming this afternoon and the kids are super excited.  They are always up for a play date.  We will be with friends again on Sat.  and maybe even Fri. night.  We are so blessed to have people to fellowship with.  I'm thankful that God has finally taken loneliness out of our vocabulary.  

Have a blessed day. 

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