Friday, July 2, 2010

As I sat down to begin today's entry, I had planned to mention how the sun had begun to shine more consistently in our neck of the woods.  Yet, as I write these beginning sentences, the heavens have opened up and the sun has hidden itself behind dark clouds.  We did have a couple days of "summer weather" and I actually had to water my garden and yard yesterday.  I am so thankful for the rain, but wouldn't mind some serious sunshine so my garden could thrive instead of just creep.  Sunshine and mid 80's would be nice.  I am not a big fan of hot weather and this climate suits me just fine.  However, our rainy season just seems to keep going.  I am surprised and excited to see that the rain does not keep my dainty finches from the bird feeder.  It is amazing to see them continue to eat and perch while the rain beats down upon them.  Since the males are a bright yellow, they are my sunshine on these rainy days.

Despite, the rain, my garden continues to grow and the kids and I are enjoying it begin to fill out.  The one thing that is thriving in all this rain are the weeds.  Plenty of them to pull. 
Our spinach is the one thing we have been able to begin harvesting.  This is a new crop for me and we have loved making our salads with our very own lettuce.  Of course, there is the irony of everything else in the salad being store bought but we love it just the same. 
Our peas are very hardy and are growing very fast.  The kids are constantly updating me on which string they have grown up to. 
Green beans finally making an appearance.
 Tomatoes are my absolute favorite and I have planted 6 of them.  I am really looking forward to eating them.  Yum!!

This year's garden is doing so much better than last years.  Last year's disappointment left a bitter taste in my mouth.  We truly got nothing from our garden.  I am so hopeful for this year's harvest.

Thanks for stopping by.  Be Blessed!

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  1. I pray the Lord will grant you a bountiful harvest from these beautiful plants!