Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tea Stained Curtains

I had a great time tea dying my new curtains.  The girls and I filled the tub with boiling hot water and quite a few tea bags.  I had 5 and half yards of fabric to die and decided to do it all at once.  I cut my fabric into 3 panels and placed them all in the tub.  It did take two attempts to get the color I desired, but I am very pleased with the finished product.  Nice, soft, billowing curtains are so much more appealing to me than metal blinds. 

Before and after colors:
I also have before and after photos of the windows:

I highly recommend this tea dying process.  It is very simple and the end results are wonderful. 

*Boiling water
*Enough tea bags to make the water very dark (remove bags before putting in fabric so the bags don't break open)
*Stir fabric occasionally to ensure even coating
*Leave in for about an hour or until you have your desired color
*Once rinsed, fabric will be lighter in color so put it back into the tea if you would like darker results
*Iron (heat helps to set color)
*Remember:  if it is too dark and your initial fabric is white, you can bleach it and start over
*I only recommend doing this with cotton or muslin. 
*Washing frequently can lessen color and try to stay away from detergents that really combat natural stains
*Have fun!!!

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