Friday, May 27, 2011

Bees and Goats and Kids

We just came home from a wonderful morning spent at a friends mini farm.  We were able to learn about goats and bees.  Many families from our co op were there and we spent over an hour exploring and learning.  There were many baby goats and the children were able to hold them.  I even tried my hand at milking one...not very successfully though. 

I had a wonderful time learning about the bees.  It is something that I have often thought about doing and this proved to be an opportunity to learn about the process without having to make a commitment.  Fascinating!!!  I love the idea of having my own honey.  I will have to see if the neighbors (and the mayor) are open to us having a hive or two.  There is nothing written about us not having any bees, but there is the dilemma of our neighbors not liking our having bees.  After our chicken ordeal, we are leery about doing anything on the "wild side".  We have been invited to participate in the harvesting of the honey in September and this will help me to decide if this is an adventure I want to embark upon.  

It was interesting to see the girls in the group stick around for the bee "lesson", while the boys took off to play with dirt and sticks.  However, when spoonfuls of honey were being passed out, the boys showed up once again to have a taste.  My son was eager to collect their eggs and we found their coop to be fascinating since their egg retrieval system seemed to border on sheer genius. 

A wonderful time was had by the family and now that we have been refreshed by lunch, the kids have scattered again to play.  We have family visiting and this always adds excitement to our days.  Some kids are outside helping to chop wood, others are playing cards and a few are in the basement making music. 

Shortly we will have a fire going and I look forward to spending a cozy afternoon lounging in front of it with a good book and engaging in stimulating conversation.  I love cloudy, cool days that offer a perfect opportunity to stay inside cuddled under a blanket. 

I'm off to start a fire now.  Have a wonderful weekend and be blessed.

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