Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Enthusiasm For Life

"Great occasions for serving God come seldom, but little ones surround us daily."  
                                                   St. Francis de Sales

I came upon this verse and found it quite encouraging, especially amidst all the craziness as the children and I strive to get our lives back on track.  Our lives have been thrown off center over the past month as we have had so much extra activity. 

We had a wonderful but brief trip to Colorado to celebrate my mother-in-laws 80th birthday.  She was in heaven having her grandchildren with her for the celebration.  We had adventurous journeys to and from Colorado though.  We were only a little over 100 miles from our destination when the highway was closed due to high winds.  It was midnight and we had to backtrack to the nearest town, which was quite small and full to the brim with stranded travelers.  We finally found one of the last rooms available and tried to get some sleep.  Our journey almost took 24 hours.  On the way home, we encountered dangerous road conditions and both husband and I agreed that finding a hotel before an accident happened was the best idea.  We found a super cheap and cute hotel and spent the evening swimming while the snow piled up around us.  Brrr....it was cold too.  We were able to resume our journey mid morning of the next day with sunshine beating down upon us.  We were so glad to get home.

Two weeks later I had the honor of speaking at our state home school conference.  It was my first time, but I really enjoyed myself.  I loved being able to encourage the moms on their journey as home educators and am hoping the Lord provides another opportunity for me to speak again in the future.  

With preparing for the trip, the trip and writing a speech, my house was beginning to crumble around me.  My stress level was way too high and I was not much fun to be around, so today was a cleaning day.  We broke out the rags, brooms and vacuum and worked our way through the house.  I even straightened the book shelves.  I love when the books are aligned and standing at attention.  It seems to help reduce my stress as I gaze at their order.  Of course, the kids think I am crazy, but I know that one day they will understand.

My children are at a place where they are not liking to help around the house without complaining and grumbling.  They will do what I ask of them, but an attitude is usually attached to it and I find this to be most irritating and draining.  I'm hoping to help to build their character in this area over the next couple of weeks.  I might even help myself.  I know that with God, learning to enjoy the tasks of our day is possible.  I have a feeling that once we are back into our normal routine that this will be much more attainable for all of us.  

I was quite nervous about speaking at the conference.  I really am unsure about my two cents being worth much, but a good friend offered me the opportunity and I am so glad that I accepted it.  I truly enjoyed being able to encourage the mothers to hang in there on this journey that God has called them too.  To remind them that God will provide all that they need to see this journey to the end and not only survive...but thrive.  It was also good for me learn from other moms and remember how exciting teaching my children can be.  I have so much information to process and am looking forward to trying out some new ideas with my children.  

I am so thankful for my little covey and truly enjoy seeing them grow each day.  I pray that they grow closer to God and find themselves kneeling before His throne as they contemplate each day of their lives.

"Every man is at his best when he adds enthusiasm to...his undertakings."
                                           John Wanamaker  

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  1. Jeepers! You skipped right over the whole part about being with your amazing sister and brother in law. Travel, travel, grandma, travel, travel, home! (HAD to give you a hard time)